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As well as the obvious physical implications, head traumas, including brain injuries, can have a serious financial effect too. The main concerns being the cost of rehabilitation and loss of earnings. Head trauma can also have a significant impact on family life so we try to take all the stress away from you and your family with our No Win No Fee service.


700,000 people attend A&E departments with head injuries every year, according to NHS Direct, so every head trauma claim is different. We will take the time to assess your needs and then do everything we can to secure the compensation required to allow you to prepare for the future.

Rehabilitation for brain injuries can be more complicated than for other organs in the body, as brain cells don’t regenerate like other cells, but other areas of the brain can take over activities carried out by the damaged area. Psychological rehabilitation may also be required in the short and long term.

You may also require rehabilitation services that the NHS can’t provide, so we can work with your insurer to make sure that you are independently assessed and this is factored into your claim. In some cases we can apply for an interim payment to enable you to access treatment when you need it, rather than waiting until your claim is settled.

If you require long term support and or care, we can also advise you and your family on the best way to accept your compensation in order to make the most of the money you receive; this could be to take a lump sum or periodic payments. However long it takes for you to recover we will ensure that you have all the support you need.

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