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What is fatal negligence?

Fatal negligence is where as direct result of negligent care, a patient passes away. This is normally due to substandard medical care and can be as a result of; Surgical errors, a delay in diagnosis or drugs being dispensed incorrectly.

Numerous people lose loved ones due to medical negligence, and it is important that the correct steps are taken. Our team is here to help you decide what the best options are for you and for your family. Our team is caring, compassionate and understanding. We will work around times that suit you. From a formal complaint to a Trial our team will be here for you.

Examples of fatal negligence

  • Surgical errors
    Substandard care which has led to mistakes being made during surgery. This could also happen by way of faulty medical equipment an error in judgement by a surgeon or if conservative treatment would have been a better option but the patient was wrongly advised.
  • Pharmaceutical errors
    The wrong prescription or dosage of a drug being administered to a patient which then becomes fatal.
  • Delay in diagnosis
    A delay in diagnosis of a terminal illness leading to an avoidable death.
  • Substandard medical care
    Substandard medical treatment from a GP, doctors or nurses which has led an avoidable death.