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Care Home


It is never an easy decision to have a loved one placed under the care of a care home, however at times we believe it will the best thing for them. Although we expect our loved ones to get the best treatment, there are times when the treatment given is substandard and neglectful. It is incredibly distressing learning that a loved one has been injured as a result of care home negligence.

If a loved one has been affected by care home neglect, our team are here to help. Our team will give you a free initial consultation about claiming compensation on a No Win No Fee basis and we will help you take the necessary steps.

Examples of medical negligence care home claims

  • Pressure sores & pressure ulcers
  • Medication errors
    • administering the wrong amount of medication
    • administering the wrong medication
  • handling errors leading to injuries and fractures from falls
    • Pressure sore claims

With higher risks patients who are ill, elderly or immobile it is important to ensure they are moved periodically to avoid pressure sores or ulcers developing. Where a plaster is incorrectly put on following a fracture, plaster sores can also develop.

Pressure sores can take prolonged period to heal and are incredibly painful. However, pressure sores can often lead to infections and this can seriously painful and seriously dangerous if not treated appropriately.

Care home staff should be trained appropriately and this training should be carried out to a reasonable standard. If a loved one has developed avoidable pressure sores, contact our specialist team today. Our specialist lawyers will talk you through every step of the claim and we will discuss the action you can take to ensure your loved one receives the care they deserve.

Medication Errors

Care home staff and nurses should be trained to administer medication properly and to keep detailed records of what is given and when. If staff are not trained properly or the staff are not carrying out the care to a reasonable standard, errors can happen. Unfortunately these errors can have severe consequences which could become life threatening.

If this type of error has occurred to a love one, contact or specialist team today.

Handling errors leading to injuries and fractures from falls

Careless handling, the failure to provide the correct type of mobility aids or even substandard, negligent supervision can lead to serious injuries. Often careless handling can cause serious injuries such as fractures and because loved ones in care homes are sometimes unable to communicate properly, they suffer from avoidable prolonged pain and suffering.

Not every injury in a care home is as the result of negligent treatment. However in other cases, families discover that injuries have been caused by abuse or deliberate neglect. In these situations, you need expert advice. We are here to help. Contact our expert team without delay and we will do all we can and work around the hours that fit you.

No Win No Fee

We are able to take the above listed cases on a No Win No Fee Agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Call us today on 01274 809696 or contact us online to speak to one of our lawyer and take the first step in starting your claim.