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Sovereign Solicitors Ltd.

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Brain Injury


A head injury will normally be presented to a hospital via the A&E department. Sometimes vital signs of a serious injury are missed which result in the patient suffering from a subdural haematoma, which is a bleed in the brain, this can sometimes lead to permanent damage to the brain.

Our lawyers work with the leading medical experts in the country and they are able to advise us on whether an alternative examination should have been carried out and whether the presenting symptoms should have trigged a CT or MRI scan, or whether a referral should have been made to a Neurologist.

Our team understands the lasting effects of a brain injury and therefore will make sure all forms of rehabilitation are addressed and that our clients receive the maximum level of compensation to enable them to adjust to their injury and improve their quality of life.

No Win No Fee

If you have suffered from a brain injury that is down to medical negligence, contact us today for a free consultation on 01274 809696 or contact us online to speak to one of our lawyer and take the first step in starting your claim.